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When the time comes when a company has to invest in technologies to improve their connectivity and the use of applications, it is necessary to consider which are the equipment that best suits their needs. In Rasnet we offer a free consulting service to design the best wired and / or wireless network solution -WIFI- for your business, using only equipment of proven reliability from the best manufacturers in the market (Ubiquiti, Cisco, Arista, Palo-Alto, HP), at the best prices and with the best guarantees.

Structured cable networks

Network installations for voice and data. Cables and materials of last technology to guarantee the correct operation and a successful certification. Wiring for Computer Networks with Cat 6 and Cat 7 cables.

• Design, installation, management and maintenance of wiring networks and computer networks.

• Fault location in production networks.

• Certification service for wiring networks.

Telephony Networks

Conventional telephony networks are inexpensive networks and allow management and maintenance at very low costs.

Although these networks have gone into the background, in certain installations it is viable to manage telephony with specific cabling.

We design the network, install the wiring, maintain and manage the installation, locate and solve faults.

VoIP Networks – Converged Networks

Converging Networks or VoIP Networks are the current infrastructures designed for perfect access to voice, data and video.

We design a customized network by providing LAN connection points where necessary and equipping the network with all the necessary elements (wiring, accessories and network electronics).

A VoIP network must be designed to offer maximum performance and full availability. They are specially designed for voice over IP or VoIP, video and data.

Fiber Optic Installation

Using fiber optic networks can be linked with a high availability of bandwidth and simple installation.

• Fiber optic connection

• Fiber optic links.

• Certification and verification of networks.

• Fiber optic networks.

WireLess Systems – WiFi

Currently, wireless networks have a greater importance due to the increase of devices that access the systems through WiFi technology. We are specialized in:

• High performance WIFI systems.

• Professional access point. Professional WIFI.

• Wireless broadband point-to-point links for long distance.

• Special WiFi systems for education and high density.

Networking – Electronics Networks

In a network, electronics is the second most important equipment since it will manage all voice, data and video packages.

The speed, performance, security and availability of the entire computer network will depend on a mail design of the network electronics.

Our professionals are responsible for designing the most appropriate solutions for each network infrastructure.

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